The Beatles Rock Show’s mission statement is simple: “ROCK THE HOUSE!”

Imagine a band playing a full-length, high-energy rock show of Beatles, Lennon, and McCartney’s hits wrapped up in the style of an arena rock band. This is The Beatles Rock Show!

More than just a show, it’s a musical experience, and after gracing some of the biggest festivals and stages across the world, this band is second to none.

With millions of units sold, and countless TV and movie credits, The Beatles Rock Show’s core musicians have been members of Enuff Z’nuff, Steven Adler, Ultravox, Missing Persons, When In Rome and more.

This band truly brings it home. It’s the Beatles with Marshall stacks, ’80s rock attitude, and one hell of a party. By no means a regular cover band, The Beatles Rock Show pulls no punches, from the first song to the last.