Kill Devil Hill

Kill Devil Hill is a heavy metal supergroup founded in 2011 by drummer Vinny Appice (former Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell and Dio), bassist Rex Brown (former Pantera and Down), guitarist Mark Zavon (former Ratt, Stephen Pearcy) and lead vocalist Dewey Bragg (former Pissing Razors).

The band is named after the town of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, a location renowned from early pirating days, and named after the early pirate nickname for rum. The band’s sound has been described as “heavy and modern without succumbing to typical contemporary hardcore trappings – indecipherable vocals or overused blast beats.”

Kill Devil Hill released their self-titled debut album in May 2012, which landed at number 9 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart They have toured the US with Alice Cooper and Adrenaline Mob, and Australia with Killswitch Engage. croutons. Served with your choice of dressing. KDH has been featured twice on “That Metal Show” featuring Eddie Trunk. Their second album, “Revolution Rise”, came out in 2013. Released on Century Media Records, the album spawned the single and video for “Leave It All Behind”, and featured a guest solo by Zakk Wylde on the track “No Way Out”. On March 10, 2014, it was announced that Vinny Appice had left the band in order to commit to other projects, and that former Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly would be his replacement. The band performed on Motörhead’s Motörboat cruise in September 2014 and at the Download Festival in the UK in 2015.

The band has been writing material for a third album, and has recorded some preliminary tracks at Stagg Street Studios in California with help from engineer Josh Newell (Linkin Park, In This Moment, Stone Sour).

In January of 2019 Rex Brown announced that he was stepping down as bassist for the band, and has since been replaced by Matt Snell of Five Finger Death Punch. The band has been hard at work on their third album, which is in the final stages of completion. Chris Collier (Korn) is producing as well as mixing this effort, which was recorded at Clear Lake Audio in North Hollywood. Kill Devil Hill areReady to destroy at the next level and beyond!

Lost Angels

JULY 2020 LAS VEGAS, NV Lost Angels started as a need for a big rock show in India in 2010, The band has since toured Europe (2013), Scandinavia, Mexico (2019), The UK (2019) & the USA ever since. Featuring a mix of friends and world renowned members, The Lost Angels will continue to perform special events wherever there is a stage. After 6 years of lying dormant, this “Superb Group”, if you will, appropriately titled LOST ANGELS are wiping off their tilted halos for more tours in territories such as Mexico, the UK, Scandinavia and more! Coming this fall and into 2021, the setlists will be dusted off and re-tooled to bring another musically fueled experience with the guys who helped write the songs with your favorite artists and had a part in many world tours with their anchor bands alike.


JOHN CORABI (VOX/LED GUITAR): Considered a “Rock Journeyman”, this Philly born guitarist and notable lead vocalist has fronted Motley Crue, The Dead Daisies as well as Union, The Scream, ESP and Ratt. “Crabby” has been a Lost Angel since its inception back in 2010 ERIC DOVER (VOX/LD GUITAR): Slash’s Snakepit, Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, Alice Cooper Band, & Sextus; hailing from Alabama, Eric has written and played with many legends, arguably making him legendary in his own right. Eric has been with LOST ANGELS since day 1.

TROY PATRICK FARRELL (DRUMS/VOX): Angels founding member dating back to early 2010, TPF toured 40 countries in 2008 with WHITE LION to support the release of “Return of the Pride”. TPF has been a mainstay in the Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses) Band for 10 years tracking drums on Gilby’s forthcoming release “The Gospel Truth”. “Being able to surround myself with these guys is a dream, this is what I got in this business for, to let the music do the talking with the guys that can speak it in many languages!”

RYAN ROXE (VOX/LD GUITAR): For the UK Portion of the 2013/2019 Fall tours, Roxie, hailing from Sacramento, CA brings his boyish charm, smart antics and his decades of stage and studio experience from touring with the likes of Alice Cooper, Slash, Gilby Clarke, Roxie 77, The Electric Angels and much more. Roxie is still a member of the Alice Cooper Band.

EJ CURSE (BASS/VOX): The Newest Lost Angel, bassist EJ CURSE donned the cover of the SILENT RAGE debut release “Don’t Touch Me There”. Bassist for bands like Gilby Clarke, White Lion and his former mainstay Silent Rage, he brings new blood to the Lost Angels.

ERIC BRITTINGHAM (BASS/VOX): This founding member of the rock band CINDERELLA, and current bassist for the Bret Michaels Band (Of Poison), is a long time LOST ANGEL as well. Brittingham did Europe and Australia and is ready to strap on the bass guitar when duty calls.

Julien K


Aggressively entering the rock scene with unquenchable passion, pulsing energy and an electric sound, The Nixon’s presence in the music industry was unwavering. They were quickly recognized and made their mark on groves of dedicated fans for their legendary live performances. Comprised of Singer, Zac Maloy, Guitarist, Jesse Davis, bassist, Ricky Brooks and drummer, John Humphrey, The Nixon’s were discovered and eagerly signed with major label, MCA/Universal in 1995.

The band did not disappoint with 3 hit songs, “Sister”, “Happy Song” and “Wire” upon the release of their first record, Foma. “Sister” exploded and quickly became a phenomenon in the Midwest. With momentum on high, “Sister” secured the spotlight with a top five radio hit and crossed over into the Hot 100 pop billboard songs. The Nixon’s were unstoppable, touring worldwide and lighting up the stage over 3000 times in nearly a decade. Their rise to fame set them on the same stage with rock and roll icons such as The Melvins, KISS, Soul Asylum, Radiohead and The Toadies. Soon after, The Nixon’s released two more albums with MCA that delivered dedicated fans with rock radio hits, “Baton Rouge” and “The Fall.”

With fierce tenacity and an unrelenting drive the Nixon’s original line-up reunited in 2018 and played a series of sold out shows in the Midwest. Their newest song, “Crutch” was just released in April 2019 with full video production, sharp lyrics and the familiar crowd drawing intensity that The Nixon’s demonstrated since they first stormed into the music scene. Be prepared for The Nixon’s to kick the doors wide open!

Boy Hits Car

Boy Hits Car formed in 1993 with the idea to write melodic-heavy music that would translate well into a high energy live show. Their brand of music has been dubbed “LoveCore” connecting people around the world in a positive way through the heavy, uplifting tones and messages found in the BHC sound. Years of touring internationally has a led them to their 6th album, which will be a live studio album of previously released tracks due out in the Summer of 2020 on Cleopatra Records. Stay tuned for a release date & more news on tour dates as the guys continue to work on music for their follow up to the upcoming album. Come and see for yourself what Boy Hits Car LIVE is all about. Let’s get connected!

The 7th album, ‘Waves Of Sound Across Oceans Of Time” will be out in 2023 on DarkStar Records(Sony/Universal) with tour dates to follow.

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush

Mahogany Rush is a Canadian rock Jam band led by guitarist Frank Marino. The band had its peak of popularity in the 1970s, playing such venues as California Jam II together with bands such as Aerosmith, Ted Nugent and Heart. Mahogany Rush formed in Montreal during 1970.

The band is perhaps best known for Marino’s soaring lead guitar which bears a strong resemblance to the playing of Jimi Hendrix. Long term members of the band have included bassist Paul Harwood and drummer Jimmy Ayoub, and Frank’s brother Vince on guitar; Frank Marino is the sole continuous member of the band. Starting in the late 1970s, the group recorded and toured as Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush.

Musical style

The music of Mahogany Rush is diverse, ranging from genres such as psychedelic rock, blues rock, and funk rock (styles which are most prevalent on the group’s early releases), to a more standard hard rock/heavy metal style in their later career. Marino himself has described the band’s sound as “The Grateful Dead meets jazz”.


In an effort to gain press attention, the original record company created a fictional story that Frank Marino, prior to starting the band, had spent time in a mental institution after taking LSD and was visited by Jimi Hendrix in a vision. This gave him his inspiration to play as he did on the first album which very closely mirrored the style of Jimi Hendrix. By the time the third album, Strange Universe was recorded, this approach to filling the public desire to purchase newer Jimi Hendrix-styled music had been perfected

Over time, the band migrated to a larger and more financially supported record company and achieved its greatest radio hit success with the song “Strange Dreams”.


Lodi, a small borough of Bergen County, New Jersey, is just over two square miles. There’s not much to suggest that the small village would be the birthplace of a world famous, blood-soaked form of music known as horror punk. Legendary acts Samhain, and Danzig all have their origins in Lodi, and something monstrous indeed lurks there. The poster child and originator of the genre, himself, has once again unleashed an evil noise on an unsuspecting world: Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein’s first release, Abominator, by his eponymous band, Doyle.

Released on Doyle’s own label, Monsterman Records, Abominator is a sonically thick and lyrically evil slab of metal that finds Doyle expanding in a logical progression upon the genre of music he helped create. Abominator is not the sound of some punk guitarist gone metal- it’s the roaring return of one of extreme metal’s original architects to his blood-splattered drawing board.

Coming from a legendary band of almost mythological proportions, and having first worked with one of the most talented and respected vocalists of the century (the infamous Glenn Danzig), Doyle’s new project would need a singer with brass balls, cast-iron pipes, a suitably twisted mind, and his own vocal delivery style. Enter Alabama’s Alex Story of Cancerslug, a Southern fiend who’s sand-blasted scream opens the record, and the evil doesn’t relent until the ending growl of “Hope Hell Is Warm”, the album’s defiant closer. The man can scream and sing, and employs both styles to great effect, switching seamlessly from raw-throated roars to rough-edged, yet melodic, clean vocals. Alex’s live performances can only be described as unforgettable, disturbing and strangely addictive – a perfect complement to the already mammoth stage presence of Doyle himself.

The unmistakable sound of Doyle’s signature Annihilator guitar cuts through on every tune like a sonic fingerprint, starting with the snarling opening title track “Abominator”. The Annihilator’s tone is sharp as a butcher’s knife in the wrong hands and just as nasty- fans of the Misfits will recognize it right away.

On tunes like “Headhunter” and “Land of the Dead” the riffs are relentless, and if a riff could be described in emotional terms, remorseless. “Dreamingdeadgirls” brings a blackened-blues swing, and the doom-laden “Love Like Murder” shows a healthy appreciation for all things Sabbath. “Blood Stains” moves from primal sludge to ripping off-time thrash with ease. The album is just that- an album, a cohesive and well executed piece of work that takes the listener on a journey; albeit a bloody journey to places some fear to tread.

As befits songs as musically dark as Abominator‘s, the album’s lyrics are not for the faint of heart. Throughout the entire record, there is absolutely zero attempt to balance its evil with any sort of good counterpoint- penned entirely by Story (probably in blood), Abominator‘s lyrics are entirely and uncompromisingly dark. Music fans looking for feel- good anthems had best look elsewhere- those who enjoy strolling through the shadows will be greatly satisfied.

Scott Russo of Unwritten Law

Born and raised in Rancho Penasquitos, a suburb of San Diego, California, Scott Russo began his musical career at age 16 playing keyboard with the ska band Spy Kids (also featuring skateboarding hero Matt Hensley). By 18, Scott had taken over lead vocals for Unwritten Law. almost 20 years later, countless world tours, number 1 hits, traumatic experiences in personal life, battles with band mates, changing line-up, side projects that would consume most people’s lives, divorce, drugs and alcohol, Scott prepares for Unwritten Law’s sixth studio record.

The Quireboys

Following the band’s inception in London, UK in 1984 – originally as The Choirboys, then The Queerboys, before settling on the less controversial name of The Quireboys – there followed 6 years of hard graft and personnel changes before the inevitable happened – a UK number 2 album.

Despite supporting a certain Guns N’ Roses at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon in London it was 1990’s A Bit of What You Fancy that brought the band to the attention of the public at large, and featured founder member Spike on vocals and new recruit Guy Griffin on guitar. The record showcased no fewer than 5 hit singles – including “Hey You” which peaked at number 5 in the US Billboard Rock Chart and number 14 in the UK Singles chart.

Guy has been the backbone of THE quintessential British rock’n’roll band ever since – a journey that has seen them play to 72,000 at 1990’s Monsters of Rock at Donington with the likes of Whitesnake, Aerosmith and Poison – supporting The Rolling Stones that same year, and joining Guns N’ Roses again a couple of years later on their “Use Your Illusion” tour.

Following their second studio album, 1993’s Bitter Sweet & Twisted, the band found the new mainstream rock landscape a difficult one – and it wasn’t until 2001 and the release of This is Rock’n’Roll that they found a new lease of life.

The public’s appetite for The Quireboys had returned and hasn’t waned since – 3 further studio releases (Well Oiled, Homewreckers & Heartbreakers, Halfpenny Dancer) were released on various labels from 2004 to 2009 before the band found their new – and permanent – home on Off Yer Rocka – the label of the renowned festival brand Hard Rock Hell.

The first 4 albums on Off Yer Rocka – Beautiful Curse (2013), Black Eyed Sons (2014), St Cecilia and the Gypsy Soul (2015), and Twisted Love (2016) – have not only grown the legacy of The Quireboys but have brought new fans to the fold. 2017’s White Trash Blues saw the band take a bold move – recording a collection of iconic blues numbers but with the signature Quireboys approach – a move that paid off with glowing reviews. Covering legends such as Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Freddie King and John Lee Hooker the album is a triumph of substance over style. The album produced a stunning single release – “Leaving Trunk” – a track written by Sleepy John Estes and made famous by the legendary Taj Mahal.

The Quireboys are certainly enjoying a revival – selling out venues around the world – with 2018 also taking in The Monsters of Rock Cruise, HRH AOR VI, Sweden Rock and Stonedeaf festivals. 2019 will see a brand new studio album – their 12th – as part of a pledge campaign… so be a part of the never ending Quireboys party – as there’s no sign of Spike, Guy, Keith and Paul slowing down any time soon!



POWERMAN 5000 began soon after founder and frontman Spider One dropped out of the prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Massachusetts. “I loved painting” Spider recalls, “but I figured I could do that when I was 80. I was spending all my time in the clubs of Boston, like the Rat and the Channel. I was watching all of these great local bands and I wanted to be apart of that scene! So I dropped out of school without a clue but was determined to start a band.”

After years of false starts and various incarnations, Powerman 5000 eventually released it’s first EP, TRUE FORCE, in 1994 which quickly became a Boston rock favorite, catapulting the band to the top of the local scene. “We were very different than everyone else. At the time Grunge was exploding and all the other bands where chasing that sound.” Spider explains, “We had no interest. We were smashing together a bizarre mix of Rap, Punk and Metal. We worked hard and killed it live and people noticed.”

In 1996, PM5K followed up with their first full length, THE BLOOD SPLAT RATING SYSTEM. That album, along with the bands growing fan base and infamous live show led to a major label deal with DREAMWORKS RECORDS. Dreamworks released an extended and remixed version of The Blood Splat Rating System now titled MEGA! KUNG FU RADIO. The record went on to expand Powerman’s following to a national level and allowed them the opportunity to tour with rock heavy weights such as KORN, MARILYN MANSON and KISS as well a slot on the first ever OZZFEST.

After a year of non stop touring Powerman 5000 returned to the studio to record what would be the album to blast the band to new level of success. 1999s science fiction opus TONIGHT THE STARS REVOLT! would go on to sell 2 million copies and turn the band into MTV regulars and rock radio mainstays. Sold out headlining tours followed along with sharing stages with the likes of METALLICA, PANTERA, KID ROCK and others.

“Tonight the Stars Revolt changed everything. We went from being this weird little band with a cult following to being this weird little band in rotation on MTV along side Christina Aguilera. It was all very strange.” Band members and label changes followed over the years. 2001s ANYONE FOR DOOMSDAY was shelved for what would become 2003s TRANSFORM (the final record for Dreamworks Records). “When Dreamworks went under and we were without a label it was a difficult time. Back then a record deal was very important and pretty much the only way to have major success. I won’t lie, for a moment I thought that was it, but I didn’t want to stop and was determined to not give up.”

After the dust settled, a stronger more DIY Powerman 5000 came back swinging with the punk influenced DESTROY WHAT YOU ENJOY (2006), the very spacey SOMEWHERE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF NOWHERE (2009), a collection of cover tunes called COPIES, CLONES AND REPLICANTS (2011), BUILDERS OF THE FUTURE (2014), NEW WAVE (2017) and THE NOBLE ROT (2020).

Spider sums up the bands long history this way, “After all these years, I feel like the band gets better with every record and tour. I’ve never lost the enthusiasm that I had from those early days and always want to treat each new album as if it’s our first. I’m not interested in the past, just creating the future. A big, loud, crazy future!”