Circus of Power practically personified New York’s sleaze rock scene during the late ’80s and early ’90s. Despite the band’s failure to reach radio or MTV acceptance, they managed several major-label releases and toured with some of the biggest names in rock. The group’s music and image had an edge that — while similar to many of America’s post-Guns N’ Roses gutter-centric outfits — reflected their all-important New York City roots. Their urban jungle was a different one; it was more jungle-like in its toughness and stark reality. The contrast inherent in the L.A. gutter rock of L.A. Guns and other West Coast bands was exactly what made them mysterious and interesting to their fans. Circus of Power came off as tough, raw and real.

After slugging it out in the New York club scene for a while in the ’80s, Circus of Power were signed to RCA Records and in 1988 their eponymous debut was shipped. The lineup for this first full-length consisted of Alex Mitchell (vocals), Ryan Maher (drums), Ricky Beck Mahler (guitars), and bassist Gary Sunshine. The “blues-based” sleaze rock direction of Circus of Power set the standard for the group’s successive discs with its mid-tempo swagger and stories of debauchery in all its varieties. The group followed up their debut with 1989’s Still Alive; 1990’s Vices followed as the band made their first lineup change. Sunshine moved from bass to second guitar and new bassist Zowie Ackerman was brought into the band. After making the jump from RCA to Columbia records, Circus of Power spent some extra time crafting the debut for their second label. During this time, Zowie was replaced on bass by Mark Frappier and Mahler left the group to be replaced by drummer Victor Indrizzo. In 1993, Magic and Madness was released on Columbia and the group disbanded in the mid-’90s.

After some solo efforts and a few one off “reunion” gigs, singer Alex Mitchell decided it was time to put a proper line up together. In late 2015 Alex contacted some of his O.G. buddies from the old New York scene and his post C.O.P. bands- Fat Nancy & Captain Zapped, and immediately entered the studio with fresh material. The new line up also shot a video for the song “Hard Drivin’ Sister”. The current line up consists of:

Alex Mitchell- Vocals
Billy Tsounis- Lead guitar
Joe Truck- Guitar
John Sharkey- Bass
Tony Portillo-Drums