VINNIE VINCENT!!! the name whose musical legacy speaks volumes; as shredder, composer, producer and international recording artist, THE “V” IS BACK with a blistering new VINNIE VINCENT INVASION ALBUM scheduled for release in 2023 and a rip your face off live band.

From VINCENT’s recruitment by KISS in 1982 as lead guitarist ANKH WARRIOR to replace Ace Frehley as a member of KISS thru the iconic CREATURES and LICK IT UP era, VINCENT proved quite the composer as he co-authored many of the KISS KLASSICS revered by fans worldwide today.

With VINCENT on lead guitar, KISS slayed the massive audiences in Brazil of over 200,000 at the notorious Rio de Janeiro show at Maracana Stadium, and in Sao Paulo and Bela Horizonte stadium shows of 100,000 each in June of 1983.  VINNIE VINCENT, the only KISS LEAD GUITARIST to define his stature as the ANKH WARRIOR on thru to the KISS unmasking on MTV in 1983 to usher in the LICK IT UP era, was integral in catapulting KISS to the top the charts to regain their status as the GREATEST AND LOUDEST BAND IN THE WORLD.

But the dream was to end. After years of Vinnies search for his perfect band which he found with KISS….business problems derailed that precious chemistry between VINNIE. GENE, PAUL and ERIC, forcing Vincent to leave Kiss in 1984.

As a component of the rocket fuel that thrust Kiss back on top, that in itself would be a milestone achievement for anyone, but not Vinnie Vincent. …  After the LIU tour ended in March 84, VINCENT buried himself in a studio and wrote and recorded what was to be SIDE A of VINNIE VINCENT INVASION. And with Robert Fleischman’s razor blade vocals, good fortune was to boomerang bringing Vinnie to his crowning achievement.

VINNIE VINCENT INVASION was unleashed in 1986 on Chrysalis Records and Vinnie killed it with BOYZ ARE GONNA ROCK and his scorched earth shredd which not only topped MTV play list throughout the year but saw Vincent kick out the jams as host of headbangers ball on numerous occasions. With the thrust of BOYZ ARE GONNA ROCK, VINNIE toured with ALICE COOPER and IRON MAIDEN and VINNIE VINCENT INVASION became the fastest selling debut album in chrysalis history coming in at #100 on KERRANGS 100 GREATEST ROCK ALBUMS OF ALL TIME.

In 1988 VINCENT released ALL SYSTEMS GO and killed it again with ASHES TO ASHES and the single LOVE KILLS featured in NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET IV.  Impossible as it may be, VINNIE transcended his KISS and VINNIE VINCENT INVASION legacy and entered the world of FREDDY KRUGER with his smash hit MTV video of LOVE KILLS where VINCENT not only appeared in the infamous FREDDY SWEATER, HAT and MURDER CLAW to launch his LOVE KILLS VIDEO but filmed an MTV SPECIAL FOR NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET IV WITH FREDDY as a prequel to the movie release. And by all accounts, VINNIE VINCENT was the only one other than Freddy himself to wear Freddy Kruger’s iconic real movie clothes.

VINNIE laid low during the 90’s and 2000’s as grunge and rap took hold, prompting exhaustive media searches for the elusive rock star…then suddenly in 2018, VINCENT suddenly appeared setting the stage for his return. The moment has arrived… WORD TO THE ROCK WORLD… U BETTER WATCH OUT! THE “V” WAR MACHINE IS BACK.