Trans-X 2015: a tribute to “High Energy 80’s EDM”

Take an historic voyage back to the very first synth based EDM More than 25 super hits from the Golden Age of Hi-NRG and Italo Disco performed totally live on stage
with original vintage 80’s synthesizers sounds and electronic percussions “Trans-X” was founded in 1981 by Pascal Languirand in Montreal, Canada.

The group’s first EP “Living on Video”, quickly became a million seller around the world, with the title track zooming to Number 1 on the international music charts.

“Living on Video” went on to become “the most successful and influential Hi-NRG/electro song of all time, and also the most covered 12″ single in history” according to EuroDanceHits, June ’06.
A true multi format crossover smash, “”Living on Video” has the rare distinction of being a staple on both alternative rock radio and dance music playlists throughout the world.

”Hi-NRG” was always the sound of “Trans-X”, says Pascal, “And that spirit is reborn in our new 2 1/2 hour live show, A Tribute To Hi-NRG 80’s EDM, an unforgettable experience that recaptures the original passion of classic”Hi-NRG” with spectacular lighting effects, live musicians, dancers…and, of course, the throbbing sounds of vintage analog synthesizers.”

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