Thirty Years Of Blisstatic Awesomeness!!!

Now Led by Lead Vocalist & Cheif Lyricist Doc.G & the group is returning back to its Soulful Hip-Hop roots and the return to Utopia is long overdue! After The passing of his paternal first cousin & Co Founder Prince Bein 2016, Doc.G “Crawled into a cave” all while coping with the death of his best friend and raising 2 young autistic sons on his own.

When Doc.G (A Gulf War Veteran) was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1993, Prince Be had him Transported from the Philadelphia Naval
Base to his front door, and he taught Doc.G the ropes and caught him up on all that he missed while serving our country.

After Prince Be Suffered 2 Strokes and a double leg amputation, He Gave His Blessing and handed over the group to Doc.G who continues to perform and travel the world Maintaining The Bliss.

A New album has been in development for the past year and they are taking their time to ensure that the music is worthy enough to satisfy music lovers of Yesterday and Today.

While The Group will perform classic Songs along with their current songs, this is a new journey and new experience and P.M. Dawn will always restore the light in darkest hour.

Welcome Back 2 The Utopian Experience!!!