JULY 2020 LAS VEGAS, NV Lost Angels started as a need for a big rock show in India in 2010, The band has since toured Europe (2013), Scandinavia, Mexico (2019), The UK (2019) & the USA ever since. Featuring a mix of friends and world renowned members, The Lost Angels will continue to perform special events wherever there is a stage. After 6 years of lying dormant, this “Superb Group”, if you will, appropriately titled LOST ANGELS are wiping off their tilted halos for more tours in territories such as Mexico, the UK, Scandinavia and more! Coming this fall and into 2021, the setlists will be dusted off and re-tooled to bring another musically fueled experience with the guys who helped write the songs with your favorite artists and had a part in many world tours with their anchor bands alike.


JOHN CORABI (VOX/LED GUITAR): Considered a “Rock Journeyman”, this Philly born guitarist and notable lead vocalist has fronted Motley Crue, The Dead Daisies as well as Union, The Scream, ESP and Ratt. “Crabby” has been a Lost Angel since its inception back in 2010 ERIC DOVER (VOX/LD GUITAR): Slash’s Snakepit, Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, Alice Cooper Band, & Sextus; hailing from Alabama, Eric has written and played with many legends, arguably making him legendary in his own right. Eric has been with LOST ANGELS since day 1.

TROY PATRICK FARRELL (DRUMS/VOX): Angels founding member dating back to early 2010, TPF toured 40 countries in 2008 with WHITE LION to support the release of “Return of the Pride”. TPF has been a mainstay in the Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses) Band for 10 years tracking drums on Gilby’s forthcoming release “The Gospel Truth”. “Being able to surround myself with these guys is a dream, this is what I got in this business for, to let the music do the talking with the guys that can speak it in many languages!”

RYAN ROXE (VOX/LD GUITAR): For the UK Portion of the 2013/2019 Fall tours, Roxie, hailing from Sacramento, CA brings his boyish charm, smart antics and his decades of stage and studio experience from touring with the likes of Alice Cooper, Slash, Gilby Clarke, Roxie 77, The Electric Angels and much more. Roxie is still a member of the Alice Cooper Band.

EJ CURSE (BASS/VOX): The Newest Lost Angel, bassist EJ CURSE donned the cover of the SILENT RAGE debut release “Don’t Touch Me There”. Bassist for bands like Gilby Clarke, White Lion and his former mainstay Silent Rage, he brings new blood to the Lost Angels.

ERIC BRITTINGHAM (BASS/VOX): This founding member of the rock band CINDERELLA, and current bassist for the Bret Michaels Band (Of Poison), is a long time LOST ANGEL as well. Brittingham did Europe and Australia and is ready to strap on the bass guitar when duty calls.