Lizzy Borden starring: Lizzy Borden, Joey Scott, Marten Andersson & Dario Lorina

Over the last few years the International recording group Lizzy Borden “Appointment with Death Show” has produced spectacular performances in 20+ countries (from North America, Japan and all throughout Europe) as well as on the main stages of some of the biggest festivals like, “Sweden Rock” (Sweden), “Wacken” (Germany), “The Reading Festival” (UK), “Bang Your Head” (Germany), “Kobetasonic” (Spain), “Rocklahoma”, “Rock in America” (USA) all to rave reviews unanimously declaring Lizzy Borden the hit of the festivals, ‘comparing their show to a Kiss concert’.

Lizzy Borden’s “30 years of American Metal” tour is a brand new show, created from the ground up just for this monumental 30 year anniversary. The new show will encompass songs from each and every Lizzy Borden record to date, including classic songs like “Me Against the World” “American Metal” “Master of Disguise” as well as the new singles “Tomorrow Never Comes” and “Under Your Skin” from the latest Lizzy Borden full length album “Appointment with Death”, both songs feature dramatic videos and are in rotation on MTV2. The video “Tomorrow Never Comes” was nominated for video of the year as well as the top 25 metal video on MTV2’s “Headbangers Ball”.

In a career spanning 30 years, Lizzy Borden was created in 1983 in Hollywood California. Spitting venom, stage blood and dripping grease paint while breathing life into bizarre characters bred precisely for the stage. Theme oriented creations such as; Love You to Pieces (1985) Menace to Society (1986) Visual Lies (1987) Master of Disguise (1989) Best Of (1994) Deal with the Devil (2000) and Appointment with Death (2008) forever cemented icon status to the master showman from the dawn of heavy metal.

Although I am sure you are familiar with the bands history, please check out the bands websites at: which has reviews, full details and sound bites from the band’s latest CD ‘Appointment with Death’ out now on Metal Blade Records.


Give ’em the axe-1984
Love you to pieces-1985 Murderess metal roadshow-1985 Menace to society-1986 Terrorrising-1986
Visual Lies-1987
Master of disguise-1989
Best of Lizzy Borden-1994
Deal with the devil-2000 Appointment with Death-2008

• 8 albums and sellout tours across the U.S. Canada, Europe the U.K. and Japan. (Latest release “Appointment with Death” in stores now)
• 2008 – 2013 tours of North America, Europe and Japan (20+ countries)
• Tomorrow Never Comes, nominated video of the year and top 25 metal video on MTV’s Headbangers Ball.
• 2 songs and videos from the new CD, “Tomorrow Never Comes” and “Under Your Skin in rotation on MTV2, Music Choice as well as radio stations around the country
• Hitting the top 100 4 times in the U.S
• Hitting 1 on CMJ (radio) (me against the world)
• Consistently top 5 on metal radio
• Performing in video’s in rotation on MTV and the playboy channel among many others
• Hosting the Headbangers ball, (MTV-U.S.)
• Appearing on MTV-Canada-England-Germany-and Japan
• Performing (live) in the movie (the decline of the western civilization part 2)
• Appearing on the (the Decline of the Western Civilization) sound track
• Appearing on the movie (Black Roses) sound track
• Released a double live CD and a ‘best of’ CD
• 2 on the P.M.R.C hit list as the most dangerous band in the world.
• Revered in (billboard magazine)
• Full length live video (Lizzy Borden Live)
• Guest on the Jesse Jackson show
• Guest on CNN
• Appearing in and on the cover of magazine’s such as (Burrn, Sweden rock, Metal Hammer, classic rock, Circus, Hit Parader, Metal Edge, the Star, Creem, and countless others)
 Performed at festivals such as Sweden Rock, Wacken, Bang Your Head, Keep It True, Kobetasonic, Rocklahoma, Rock gone wild, Reading festival UK (50,000 people) and many, many more.

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