Jimmie’s Chicken Shack is an American alternative rock band from Annapolis, Maryland. They emerged through MTV as one of the first post-grunge bands of the era.

Singles from …Pushing the Salmanilla Envelope were “High,” “Dropping Anchor,” “Blood,” and “Another Day.” “High” and “Dropping Anchor” both have music videos. The video for “High” was shown on MTV’s 120 Minutes. Many of the songs that were included on PTSE were included on previous independent releases.

With early releases of B.Y.O.S, there was a card to mail to Fowl Records for a free copy of the Slow Change EP. This EP is rare, but can still be occasionally found.

The tour for this album included dates playing with bands such as 311, Creed, Fuel, Finger Eleven, and Joydrop.

In January 2000, the band received arguably its highest compliment to date when it was chosen as openers for 311. Fresh off a New Years show with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Omaha, Nebraska quintet announced a month-plus long, 27-show tour, spanning from February 21 to March 29, with Jimmie’s Chicken Shack as the sole opening act (including one special guest appearance by Incubus at a Winston-Salem show).

After fighting for nearly three years to get released from Island Defjam, they released re.present on Koch Records in April 2004. “Falling Out” (featuring Aaron Lewis of Staind) was the only single released from re.present. A music video was made for the single and received limited airplay through various outlets.

Fail On Cue was released in January 2008 on Fowl Records. Some of the new songs on the album are “Mutha Luvas,” “The Quiet Ones,” “Another Great Idea,” and “Making Babies.” The album also included the band’s second studio recorded cover of a song, Fugazi’s “Waiting Room”.

Jimi Haha started a band in 2002 called Jarflys. They put out a record called Anonymous. They continue to play in Annapolis. They have never had a band practice.

Jimi Haha put out his first solo cd under the name Mend The Hollow in December of 2016. The record was produced by Jim Wirt who produced J.C.S.’s Bring Your Own Stereo and was mixed by Tom Lord-Alge and mastered by Robert Ludwig.